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Form integration with third party systems

Sitekit CMS API - Forms

The Sitekit CMS forms Application Programming Interface (forms API) extends the existing functionality of Sitekit CMS to enable better interaction with third party systems.This interaction works in three ways:

  • Inserting data: pre-populating of form fields - allows pages to be called with their form fields pre-populated.
  • Inserting data: allowing for individual form fields to be derived dynamically from third party xml data.
  • Retrieving data: reposting of form submissions to external applications.
  • Retrieving data: previous form submissions can be extracted from the Sitekit CMS database via web services.

These three interactions with the Sitekit CMS Forms module will be discussed in detail in this document, including sample code and parameters.

Typical uses

The Forms API has been used to date in many different situations, including the following:

  • Data capture and cleaning – a Sitekit Form was created on a Sitekit CMS site which passed on its submitted form fields to a web service located on an external server. The web service substantially manipulated the data before storing it in an external database.
  • Form streamlining – Navigation profiles within a Sitekit CMS site can lead different customers to different branches of the site. A form can then be presented to the customer with some fields pre-populated based on the navigation choices they have made.
  • Batch bulk processing – A third party data-store imports Sitekit Form submissions from a Sitekit web service on a nightly scheduled basis in order to fit in with their existing data batch processes.
  • Complex database relationship population - A Sitekit multi-select form field was dynamically derived from a third party database of current approved outlets and on submission the form was resubmitted to a third party web service that added a maker record and records to other tables to define foreign key relationships including a one to many relationship to the outlets table.
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