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The importance of managing your metadata

Sitekit CMS metadata search

The metadata search API is a tool within the Sitekit CMS which allows a developer or integrator to extend Sitekit CMS by syndicating pages based on their categorisation or other unique page properties.

The tool automatically generates a list of pages (from the whole site) which match specified metadata criteria and filters the list according to specified rules. The feed generated is in a standard and compliant format (very much like RSS).

The tool is designed to provide a pre-filtered results feed. The search criteria for the results feed can either be preconfigured (so the user clicks a ‘blue’ button to see pages about blue cars) or be taken from a users input (so a user types ‘blue’ into a search box to see pages about blue cars).

It should be noted that the tool generates a feed of information and not a web page; this allows the feed to be used by any other compliant website or web system (including Sitekit CMS itself).

Typical Uses

The Metadata Search API can be used in many different situations, including the following:

  • Dynamic cross references - The tool could be used on a car sales website to generate dynamic cross-references within the site where automatic three (or X) way links are generated between manufacturer, colour, engine size.
  • Categorisation - The tool could be used to categorise articles in multiple ways and allow a user to navigate to an article via multiple categories.
  • Structured Information sharing - The tool could be used to automatically share information between Sitekit CMS and 3rd party systems. An HR tool could automatically lists pages generated by a specific member of staff. A bespoke events system could automatically list related pages created on a certain date and matching a specific category.
  • A to Z listings – A site can be indexed by an A to Z of its customised Metadata to provide another means of navigating pages.
  • Reorganisation – A public sector site can categorise its data by department and service type, whilst at the same time entering life event data for each service as metadata. As well as the traditional navigational structure to their site they can also over an intuitive navigation via ‘live events’ option such as ‘moving house’ or ‘changing your job’.
Image: Sitekit CMS SDK Header

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