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Fast and efficient website launch

Rapid deployment

The pressure to get a new site launched can be immense, with the transfer and repurposing of existing content often being the most time consuming of activities.

Sitekit’s rapid deployment methodology has enabled many organisations to deliver their new websites very quickly and get good results fast. This is due to the major proportion of the functionality on the websites is quickly provisioned from out-of-the-box features and Sitekit CMS can batch populate most images and files which reduces the time it takes to populate site content and leaves more time and resources for the important content design.

Batch uploader

Batch uploader application

Sitekit Batch Up-loader enables authorised users to bulk upload multiple files to the pre-designated image and file libraries in Sitekit CMS. Using our tools and web expertise we have successfully migrated even the largest of website with tens of thousands of pages quickly and without loss of any information.

Status view - bulk operations

The Status View enables editors and administrators to see what is happening across the whole website from one window.

Editors have the ability to bulk publish and delete pages using this view and site administrators can use the powerful search filters to see pages according to their status such as ‘all pages due to expire’ or ‘recently edited pages’, making administrating a site much less time consuming.

Outlining mode

Out lining mode allows editors to work on populating site content without having to wait for the site design to be ready.  A set of generic templates can be added to the site, which allow editors format the content properly on a page. The templates are then changed for the real site templates and mostly all the content will appear correctly on the page.

This means both design and content can be worked on simultaneously, reducing the time it takes for the site to go live.


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