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Sitekit CMS API - XML update

The business benefit using the control panel API for management of third party data is that all data presented on the public site is managed from a single control panel using a single log-in.

This provides a consistent, single-point user interface, thereby minimising training and support costs for users.

Typical uses

Sitekit CMS application programming interface (API) allows for pages to be created that derive their content from externally held third party sites or data sources. This can be further extended to enable the processing of site specific business logic from such sites. This can be done in conjunction with the display of such information on the public facing site, but is not a requirement for doing so.

The following is an example of how the architecture could be used:

  • File versioning and roll-back – A financial company holds data on a plethora of managed funds. Their customers need to be able to see all the information about each of the funds prior to investing in them. The company holds the fund information in XML format and uploads it into the file system. Once there they can use the file as a source of data to display the fund information on their web pages (see Sitekit website API – data islands). Periodically they need to change details of some funds. The XML update API allows them to do this and once their changes have been made the XML file is saved as a new version. When the time comes to audit their system the company has an exact record of what changes, and when, were made to the file by looking at the file versions. They can also roll back to an earlier version of their data at any time by making an earlier version of the XML the active file.
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