Kings Fund

Future of Personal Health Records

The King's Fund,  London - 07.07.2015


Future of  Personal Health Records (PHRs)

The King's Fund,  London - 07.07.2015

Future of Personal Health Records (PHRs), The King's Fund, London, 7th July 2015 

Empowering citizens through digital technology and raising our game on health technology are central to the strategy set out in the Five Year Forward View to improve the health system’s efficiency.

The Future of Personal Health Records brings together some of the leading digital projects transforming digital care in the UK.

The focus of this event will be on discussing progress to date, furthering collaboration on best practice and promote understanding of a number of key topics.


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This event is an exclusive opportunity to learn about some of the leading digital projects transforming health and care, discuss progress so far, collaborate on best practice, and help understand:

  • transforming how services are accessed
  • citizen and health professional attitudes towards online access
  • enabling information sharing through Personal Health Records
  • unlocking the benefits of digital transformation

Keynote Speakers

  • Andrew Chitty, Digital Life Sciences and Vitality Vanguard
  • Dave Horsfield, Liverpool CCG
  • Dr Matt Jameson Evans, Health Unlocked and NHS Innovation Fellow
  • Tracey Watson, Head of Commercial and Partners, NHS England
  • Phil Stradling, Citizen Identity Lead, NHS England
  • Dr David Low, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Target audience

CCIO and CIOs * Heads of IT and IT Directors * Strategy and Operations Directors * Service Leads and Commissioners


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09:30 – 09:50 Registration and networking
09:50 – 10:00 Welcome and introductions
10:00 – 10:20 A patient perspective on shared electronic health records - Ingrid Brindle, Chair, Thornley House Patient Participation Group

Patient Ingrid Brindle talks about the confidence, independence and security that she's gained from being able to access her GP electronic health records. She describes a person's health as ‘the most important project they’ll ever do’, therefore it's vital to have access to information to make the best possible health decisions.

10:20 – 10:40 Transition to digital services and the Vitality Vanguard - Andrew Chitty, Executive Director and Founder, Digital Life Sciences

Delivering healthcare in new ways using internet and digital technologies is essential if the NHS is to cope with ever-increasing service demand. Andrew will share progress implementing digital services to support new care models with one of the leading Vanguard sites and super partnerships: the Vitality Partnership.

10:40 – 11:00

The potential for Personal Health Records (PHRs) - Dave Horsfield, Mi Programme Manager, Liverpool CCG

Liverpool CCG are at the forefront of the digital Health agenda, leading Innovate UK’s “More Independent” programme - an initiative that supports older people to live more healthily and more happily in their home or a homely setting. This talk explores PHRs as a component in a wider ecosystem, taking citizens' journeys between different health and care organisations and the digital touch-points they encounter on the way.

11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 – 11:35

The citizen perspective - Dr Matt Jameson Evans - Co-Founder / Chief Medical Officer of HealthUnlocked, NHS Innovation Fellow

Population-level personalisation of patient information and care planning is a key objective of future healthcare delivery. Matt will show how HealthUnlocked has revolutionised digital care-planning in cancer and how scalable online peer support from a patient social network can offer a 24/7 service of personalised support for people with long term conditions.

11:35 – 12:00

Personalising Health and Care 2020 - Tracey Watson, Head of Commercial and Partners, NHS England

The National Information Board was established to advance the implementation of the Five Year Forward View. Patient empowerment and digital technology are a key part of the strategy. Tracey will provide an  update on ‘Personalising Health and Care 2020’ initiatives to progress  patient access to health records.

12:00 – 12:30

Enablers for Personal Health Records (PHRs) -  Phil Stradling, Citizen Identity Lead, NHS England

Patient access to health records in the hands of the citizen will not, in itself, lead to service efficiencies or improved health outcomes. This talk explores NHS England initiatives to enable PHR deployment and adoption. Phil will also share the new guidance established in conjunction with the IGA to enable information to flow between services and over borders.

12:30 – 13:00


13:00 – 13:30

The digital ‘Red Book’ - Dr David Low, Chair, Informatics for Quality, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

The paper ‘Red Book’ recording a child’s health and development from ages 0-5, is unique as a citizen-owned record that follows a child through health, care and education. Engaging citizens in the health of their children and flowing data between these different services and organisations in different locations. David will share the lessons that can be learned from the paper Red Book, and the digital advantages that can be established.

13:30 – 13:50

PainSense - David Harson, Operations Director, Advanced Digital Institute

The PainSense service is a whole system approach that focuses the clinical care pathway on supporting self-management of persistent pain, putting the patient at the heart of the journey to a better quality of life. Pain Sense is a suite of mobile device digital apps developed to enable supported self-care for patients with persistent pain, and integrated via a secure interface to clinical systems.

13:50 – 14:00 Coffee break
14:00 – 16:00

Work streams

1) Microsoft - Health Service update
        Paul Thomas, Microsoft
        Marthinus Bester, Microsoft 

2) DHACA (Digital Health and Care Alliance) - Requirements to accelerate PHR adoption
        Charles Lowe, DHACA
        Madeleine Starr, Carers UK
        Phil Stradling, NHS England

3) Sitekit - eRedbook Community Practice Group  (by invitation only)
        Dan Moulin, Sitekit
        Dr David Low, RCPCH 
        tbc, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust
        Dr Jamie Hogg, NHS Grampian   

4) R-Outcomes - Tracking Outcomes, Experience and Engagement across Health and Care 
        Tim Benson, R-Outcomes



Keynote Speakers


Ingrid Brindle

Chair, Thornley House Patient Participation Group

Ingrid Brindle is chair of Thornley House Patient Participation Group in Hyde, Cheshire. She is also a member of the NHS Patient Online Programme, working to support the development and implementation of patient access to their GP records.

She is the founder of Health Pledge ( This is a campaign to get people to think about self-care and pledge to make a change to improve their health.

She has had online access to all her GP records since 2006 and has presented her experiences at many conferences, meetings and training sessions.  

Dave Horsfield

Mi programme manager, Liverpool CCG

Following a previous career in law enforcement as the Principal Trading Standards Officer at Liverpool City Council, Dave moved over to Liverpool PCT in 2009 to lead the development of partnerships and improvement of work place health.  This role expanded to include wider community involvement and the use of technology to support self-care.

Dave coordinated development and delivery of Liverpool’s dallas (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale) bid and now manages this £17m programme under the ‘Mi – More Independent’ brand.

Philip Stradling

Phil Stradling

Citizen Identity Lead, NHS England 

Phil is the Citizen Identity Lead at NHS England; a trusted advisor and program manager with experience in shaping and delivering IT strategies and programs for online services focusing on managing engagements with customers and partners to trial new services and technologies. Phil assists with the development and standardization of privacy enhancing technology to prevent tracking of users across sites.

Andrew Chitty

Andrew Chitty 

Executive Director and Founder, Digital Life Sciences and Vitality Vanguard

A respected creative leader within the UK digital media sector Andrew currently works with Creative England, The Technology Strategy Board and TRC Media as a board and advisory board member.

He served as member of the Ministerial Steering Board on behalf of the DCMS/BIS for The Digital Britain Report and was Visiting Professor of Digital Media at University College Falmouth, having previously taught on the Masters programmes at INA (Paris) and the RCA (London).
His main business focus is as founder of Digital Life Sciences launched in 2013 which aims to be the UK’s first truly online health company, bringing bring the technology and creativity of the digital sector to meet the needs of healthcare providers and their patients. The DLS team are passionate about restructuring the relationship between healthcare provider and citizen, empowering the latter and delivering efficiencies, insight and redesigned services for the former.


Dr Matt Jameson Evans

Co-Founder / Chief Medical Officer of HealthUnlocked, NHS Innovation Fellow

Matt Jameson Evans is an ex-NHS surgeon and co-founder of HealthUnlocked, social network for health and 'LinkedIn for patients'. HealthUnlocked has over 500 health communities, most run by national patient organisations and relating to long term conditions or preventative health. Almost 3 million people visit the network every month. HealthUnlocked is embedded in NHS Choices as well as providing a patient-clinician app in the NHS N3 network that delivers digital care plans in over 65 NHS Trusts.


Tracey Watson

Head of Commercial and Partners, NHS England


Dr David Low

Chair RCPCH Informatics for Quality Committee and e-PCHR Advisory group, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Dr David Low has just retired as a Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Informatics Advisor at NHS England. He was previously National Clinical Lead for Child Health with Connecting for Health. He is passionate about improving information-sharing for children to deliver high quality care and data collection, whic is why he is involved in projects such as the Maternity & Children's Dataset, information requirements & output based specifications for Child Health Information Systems and the Child Protection Information Sharing project (CPIS). Personal Child Health Records (PCHR) for all newborn babies were introduced 20 years ago. They are an important example of the value of Personal Health Records and how they are enhanced digitally.



How do I register? 

Please  register for the Future of Personal Health Records (PHRs) by visiting our EventBrite page

How much does it cost to register?

The  Future of Personal Health Records (PHRs)  is a free event for public sector delegates. The rate for commercial delegates is £75. 

Where is the symposium taking place?

The  event is taking  place at The King's Fund in London, UK.

11-13 Cavendish Square
W1G 0AN  

What's the best way to travel to the event?

The London office is within short walking distance of the following tube stations:

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How do I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email with any questions you may have.


Please register for the Future of Personal Health Records (PHRs) by visiting our EventBrite page