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Primary Care Reference Portal designed for GPs by GPs to assist in decision support

GP Portal significantly saving time for GPs

> Over 1,000 resources for training and appraisal purposes

> Peer-selected content for maximum benefit


The Client

Barnsley CCG

NHS Barnsley CCG represents 38 GP practices and over 230,000 patients in South Yorkshire. Barnsley itself includes a number of small coal-mining villages as well as an urban area, with extremes of affluence/poverty, health inequalities and youth problems such as a high rate of teenage pregnancy to consider.
BEST is an abbreviation of ‘Barnsley Education and Support Time’: the local GP Training Operation. Dr Sabiha Atcha is the Lead Tutor.

The Challenge

When Dr Atcha returned to general practice as a locum after home educating her children, she found that there were so many guidelines that she felt she had to carry them around in a suitcase from surgery to surgery.

The information that she needed took too long to find on someone else’s desktop, or online. Dr Atcha realized that other GPs were in a similar position and that it would make sense if all the information they needed was available on one website, easy and quick to use, and comfortable to navigate.

The Solution


The Sitekit team worked collaboratively with the clinical leads and IT teams at Barnsley CCG to create a GP Reference Portal with simple navigation, intuitive design, clever use of colour and a “wisdom” page: an aesthetically soothing and improving area for GPs to browse.

The Barnsley BEST GP Portal puts over 1,000 items of clinical imagery, advice, guidance and prescribing support at GPs’ fingertips. This helps them to maximise their effectiveness during appointments with their patients.

In line with Dr Atcha’s vision, the Portal uses consistent colours and iconography, which makes it easier and quicker for GPs to find key information to assist the consultation when they are with a patient. The site is responsive to different devices and screen sizes, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones, allowing GPs to access information wherever they are.

Best of all, the BEST concept is available to other CCGs and can be customised to local requirements.

The Benefits

The GP Portal significantly reduces the time that GPs would normally spend on finding information. Peer-selected content, including videos, event diary, pathways, leaflets and diagnostic images, are quickly available in surgery or during home visits.

Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Some reactions from GPs:

“The website looks amazing - it navigates really well - the YouTube presentations are great and look really slick - it is fantastic -keep up the very hard work.”

“Awesome website! Beautifully laid out and easily navigable. Good job!”
“You deserve an award for your endeavours with the BEST website. It is just what we all needed for quick access to essential information.”

When I embarked on this website mission, I was really scared as to how it was going to evolve. However, working with Sitekit has been helpful and enjoyable. You have helped enhance the vision I had.

Dr Sabiha Atcha, GP Lead Tutor, BEST, NHS Barnsley CCG

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