eRedbook case study


case study

the UK’s electronic Personal Child Health Record (PCHR)

Reducing administrative overheads: freeing time to care by automating information workflows

>  Improving parental understanding of their child’s health by personalising content to their needs

>  Enabling partnership between parents and health professionals, leading to better health outcomes

The Client

A Personal Child Health Record (known colloquially as ‘Redbook’) is given to all new parents in the UK to manage the health and development of their child. It is updated by both healthcare professionals and parents.

eRedbook was developed by Sitekit, in partnership with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), Harlow Printing, Microsoft, dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) Year Zero programme and NHS partners, with the aim of creating a digital alternative for the Redbook. 

The Challenge

Creating a digital, untethered Personal Health Record (PHR), with shared access for citizens and health professionals, required Sitekit to find solutions to several challenges, including:

> Clinical assurance - eRedbook had to be clinically assured and meet clinical needs

> Access and identity control - parents and health professionals had to be able to log in using their own secure login credentials

> Information governance & interoperability - clinicians had to be able to enter data into a Personal Health Record and transfer data in and out of NHS systems

The Solution


Sitekit works closely together with the RCPCH to ensure that eRedbook adheres to clinical standards. A Clinical Advisory Group and inter-collegiate PCHR Committee oversee the eRedbook’s development. With input from the Information Governance Alliance, Cabinet Office and NHS partners, Sitekit created a solution that met all stakeholder requirements.

In November 2013 a significant milestone was achieved with the ITK ‘Connected Edition’. This enabled eRedbook to digitally replace paper processes. eRedbook applies the NHS’ Open API Policy to flow  information around the health system.

eRedbook can be procured through Gov.UK’s Digital Marketplace.

The Benefits


eRedbook promotes collaboration between parents and health professionals, engaging parents in decisions about their child’s care. The digital record also improves parental engagement by personalising and publishing information guidance in context by a child’s age, condition and location.

eRedbook drives standards for sharing information digitally through the health system, which is often closed and proprietary. It is an untethered Personal Health Record which can provide parents with a whole system picture of their child’s health.

Research led by GP Dr Pixie McKenna found that 65% of new mums in the UK are insecure about their child’s health and development and want to feel more in control. eRedbook  contributes to the peace of mind of these mums and all other parents by making it easy for them to self-manage their child’s health. With eRedbook, they can keep track of immunisations, measure their child’s growth and development against World Health Organisation charts, save health appointments and receive reminders, which improves coverage and uptake.

In addition to health benefits, there’s also the potential for significant financial benefits: digitising communication (appointment letters, leaflets, etc.) between health professional and parent could save the NHS millions of pounds every year.

As a father of a one year old daughter, I’m particularly interested in the eRedbook, allowing parents to keep accurate and up to date records of their child’s early developments online.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

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