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standards for data sharing between organisational and personal data stores

> Data flow between different health and care systems

> People can see who has access to their data and why

> Open standards for ‘plug and play’ solutions


The Client


The Innovate UK dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) programme was created to consider how new ideas and technology can be used to improve the way people live.

i-focus, an overarching dallas community, consisted of three workstreams that aimed to bring technical and strategic coherence, cross-sector collaboration, consumer-focused innovation and real commercial scale to the dallas programme.

The Challenge

People who frequently make use of different health services , for instance if they have multiple chronic conditions, often have to repeat their medical history to different providers that maintain their own patient health records.

Data duplication and unnecessary medical history repetition are a source of frustration for both citizens and healthcare professionals.

The Solution

To allow different health and care systems to communicate with each other, i-focus developed a ‘Reference Architecture’: a template that explains the key IT elements needed to achieve data flow between different health and care systems.

Sitekit was chosen to contribute to the development of the i-focus reference architecture because of the company’s experience in the design, build and deployment of Living it Up, a dallas community led by NHS 24. In partnership with a number of key stakeholder groups, Sitekit developed a framework that defined an ecosystem in which consumer devices, Personal Health Records (PHRs), and health and care systems can exchange information. Core principles underpinning this include:

> Transparent consent management, so people can easily understand who accesses their data and why

> Bring Your Own Identity, so service users can login using an existing online identity (like Facebook or Google), and professional users can login using their organisational credentials

> Open standards, making it easy for app developers to ‘plug and play’ and helppromote a vibrant ecosystem 

> Interoperability with existing, statutory, health and care systems

All dallas communities were encouraged to align with this architecture, the aim being that use of a common specification would help achieve both data flow within, and between, these communities.

The Benefits


The work done in i-focus will be taken forward beyond the end of the dallas programme, through the DHACA (Digital Health And Care Alliance) project. DHACA’s objective is to help organisations in health and social care meet challenging financial targets whilst demand is increasing.

DHACA will identify appropriate resources and facilitate fruitful collaborations between the public sector, industry and the third sector, to speed up the development of new ways of delivering health and care that benefit all parties.

dallas is about redesigning and delivering a new approach, thinking beyond traditional health and social care to consider how new ideas and technology can be used to improve the way people live.

Iain Gray, Chief Executive, Innovate UK

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