Living it Up

Living it Up

case study

digital platform enables people to be at the centre of managing their health and wellbeing

Secure data sharing between different health apps

>  Connecting people with their communities

>  Enabling independent lifestyles

The Client



Living it Up ( is the Scottish element of the UK-wide dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) programme, funded by a consortium led by the Scottish Government, Innovate UK, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise.

The objective of Living it Up is to improve  health and wellbeing, specifically for people over 55 and people with long-term chronic conditions, using  the support of their circle of care and community.

The Challenge


The UK faces a difficult time delivering healthcare: its ageing population will create such a high demand that the NHS won’t be able to cope - unless there’s a significant change in approach.

Enabling people to take the lead in managing their health and wellbeing is an important step towards a more resilient healthcare system. Although many people already use their personal consumer devices to monitor and manage their health, it’s not possible to use these devices in a joined-up way, which limits people in their self-care options.

The Solution


Living it Up is a digital platform that promotes independent lifestyles by giving people access to information and services within their community, and connecting them with others – family, friends, neighbours, carers and clinicians alike.

At present there are four interconnected apps: Shine, Discover, Connect and Flourish, which were co-produced in collaboration with the service users, their care professionals and informal circle of care.

Sitekit’s software allows users to log in and save their data to a personal profile, stored on secure servers. Thanks to the implementation of a Trust Framework - an architecture that allows applications to share personal data - apps on the platform can ‘talk’ to each other.  They can exchange information about the user’s interests, gender, age or location and therefore offer people services and tools of the most interest and relevance.

The platform supports the addition of other health-related apps that can be developed by different providers, promoting development of a rich ecosystem of effective and engaging tools and services.

The Benefits


Living it Up is having a significant impact on the wellbeing of older people and people with long-term conditions. It offers them the digital tools to live active lifestyles and will help prevent them from becoming isolated from their communities.

Living it Up is more than just a website: it is a future-proof platform that will set the new standard for health and care delivery.

I really think that Living it Up can offer great opportunities for you to improve your health and wellbeing and help you connect with family, friends and your community.

Lisa Stewart, Project Manager NHS Lothian

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