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Mi (More independent)

case study

digital health and lifestyle marketplace enables people to use self-care services

> More independence for people with long term conditions    

> Reduction in emergency admissions, visits to A&E, days spent in hospital      

> Person Held Records securely store health information



The Client

Mi (More independent) is an innovative health partnership in Liverpool, led by NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group. Mi is funded by Innovate UK and is part of the dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) programme. Partners in Mi include Riverside, Tunstall, Philips and PSS.

As part of the project a ‘Smart House’ has been built in Liverpool, in which people can try out different telecare and telehealth tools that are available to them.

The Challenge

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Our ageing population puts unprecedented stress on the NHS. Large cities in the UK often have an extra challenge of having a higher number of residents living unhealthy lifestyles, leading to increased health risks and consequently a higher demand for healthcare.

To be able to keep offering a high standard of healthcare, despite population changes, the NHS needs to  reduce hospital admissions and keep people healthy in their own homes and out of secondary care.



The Solution

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Mi provides technology, tools and services to support people to live more independently  and safely in their own homes. People with long-term condtions can use Mi technology to monitor their health at home with the support of health professionals. Champions in the Liverpool community provide support and activities to help promote good health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

Sitekit co-designed and built a digital platform that hosts a marketplace with health services and apps. The marketplace allows people to discover what technology is available to them. It’s an accessible way to browse information from various sources, brought together in an attractive website.

Person Held Records (PHRs) play a vital role in Mi, because they provide users with a secure central store containing their health and wellbeing information, such as information about their weight, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. People can choose to give others access to their PHR, which is a useful tool for informing and  empowering a person’s circle of care.  

Mi chose Sitekit because of the company’s experience in developing a related platform for NHS 24 in Scotland.




The Benefits

The Mi marketplace is open to all innovative apps that have achieved an ‘Mi approved’ kite mark, which means that they have met standards of assurance that PHR owners’ consents will be respected: they will not share data with external parties without explicit informed consent and they will not do anything that may cause harm.

The services that are offered through Mi already yield results: people who use self-care tools and services are less likely to be admitted to hospital and feel more in control of their health, which in turn reduces the amount of days that people spend in hospital.


It’s made a huge difference to our lives and I would recommend it to anyone

David Haslam, Mi user

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