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Announcing Sitekit CMS 11.1

by Michael Catania

category: Corporate News

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Helping you stay compliant and secure with new customisation features.  

Sitekit is pleased to announce the release of version 11.1 of our content management system: Sitekit CMS. Over the coming weeks the update will be rolled out across our hosting platform to all our CMS users, ensuring all customers are upgraded to the latest version. As always, we have incorporated ideas and feedback sent to us from across our user base.  

The latest update introduces GDPR support for our customers, helping them to achieve compliance before new data protection laws come into force in May. The new report function allows a user to enter any email address in a search box to generate a report listing the information held about them. The report lists where on the CMS-hosted website information is held and (where possible) sets out links to the relevant part of the CMS that allows the entry to be viewed or deleted in a single click. 

In addition to these developments, advanced search features have been improved, to make search results more relevant and efficient – with support for Google JSON search options. Support for Google ReCaptcha forms has now also been included. 

The latest release enhances the widget function for drag and drop zone editing. It allows site editors not only to add any number of editable elements to a page and drag and reposition them but also configure widgets that can be added to enhance the page. These widgets can be made up of blocks of text, images or any additional features to be added to a page. The widgets can be used to produce multiple repeatable elements, such as extending front page carousels or introducing a sidebar quote.  

As an enhanced security feature, admin end points are now customisable, so that a customer’s admin page cannot be found simply from a /admin search. In addition, we have upgraded password encryption and standards.  


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