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Azure AD B2C now GA in Europe: a game changer for IAM at scale

Azure AD B2C

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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Europe-based Azure AD B2C directories are now Generally Available (GA), which is great news for companies in Europe that want to provide secure digital services at scale.

Azure AD B2C is Microsoft’s cloud identity and access (IAM) service for building advanced identity infrastructures that are able to handle millions of identities. Thanks to the availability of Europe-based Azure AD B2C directories, data can now be stored on Microsoft’s European datacentres, so European companies can use Azure AD B2C and comply with industry regulations and data protection laws.

Azure AD B2C integrates invisibly and seamlessly with existing digital services, enabling single sign-on. In addition, Azure AD B2C makes it quick and simple for users to manage their accounts, using built-in functionality such as sign-up, profile management and password reset. Not only does Azure AD B2C allow companies to meet customer demand for secure digital services, it also allows them to drive efficiencies by streamlining user journeys and capturing invaluable insights around customer behaviour and requirements.

Can your identity infrastructure do more for you?

Private sector companies continuously have to improve their digital services to gain and retain customers in a competitive market. Government have to drive efficiencies while their users are increasingly demanding and digitally literate. This is why it is so important that cloud IAM services are configured and deployed correctly and securely.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, over the past years we have worked extensively with Microsoft to offer our clients in different industries (NHS, Government, Finance and others) early access to various Microsoft services, including Azure AD B2C. Thanks to Azure AD B2C, their identity architectures are fast, secure and scalable to handle all transactions required in the future.

If you would like to learn more about using Azure AD B2C to create secure and scalable digital user journeys, get in touch with our team.

Thanks to the availability of Europe-based Azure AD B2C directories, data can now be stored on Microsoft’s European datacentres.

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