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Digital in Action - retrospective

by Iona MacDonald

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We are pleased to report that Sitekit’s event, Digital in Action – Enabling Sustainable Transformation, held at Microsoft’s Paddington Offices on 24 May 2016, was a great success. For those of you that could not make it, we thought you may appreciate a post event summary. 

We heard from some excellent speakers at the vanguard of digital transformation on their progress within recent months, and also from organisations on current policy in the sector and the status of funding sources to take projects forward. The underlying theme for the day was the future of personal health records (#FuturePHR), raising the level of discussion around citizen identity, patient activation and self-care.

The first of our speakers delivered a presentation on The Citizen Perspective for Digital Health. Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020Health, highlighted the lack of medical history for diagnosis and treatment and the associated impact on patient safety from compounding problems. Julia also presented a history of political promises and current trends in digital health, outlining the case for electronic PHRs for children and young people.

An update on The Digital Child Health Strategy was presented by Alison Golightly, Child Health Information Consultant, NHS England. The strategy sets out the case for transformation, making health information interoperable is the only way to achieve the key objectives of 1.  Knowing where a child is and how healthy they are and 2. Appropriate access to information for all involved in the care of children.  The challenge was described as “we track cars & cattle better than children under 5s”. We already have PHR for children in the form of the red book which needs to be modernised.


Enabling the Standards delivered by Lorraine Foley, CEO, Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), explained the benefits of record standards, enabling interoperability and improving care across the UK. Good care depends on good care records – the health and social care system cannot work without an integrated care record system based on common standards.

Janet Lewis, Operations Director at London’s largest stand-alone community health trust - Central London Community Health NHS Trust -  shared how their trust is using technology to support parents and children aged 0 – 19 years via  eRedbook & Health Matters, the digital child health record which is being integrated with a local information guidance service.

The question “Is a Standard 'NHS Online Account' Feasible?”  was posed by John Webb, Digital Care Team, Liverpool CCG, with Phil Stradling, Citizen Identity Lead, NHS England. This session concentrated on the question of citizen identity, using the Healthy Liverpool Programme as a case study. John reiterated the case for a standard NHS online account, given that now has 500k verified IDs so far.  Currently, these IDs are operational within the tax system, pensions and driving licenses, with many more in the pipeline. 

Paul Thomas, Enterprise Architect and Leila Martine, Director Devices, Microsoft UK described how the Microsoft Connected Health Platform can help us to innovate together in health including cardio benefits and sleep patterns using the Microsoft Band, and the possibilities for Personal Health Records (PHR) using the HealthVault platform, a privacy and security-enhanced online service which gives citizens control of their health information..

In his presentation on the importance of information to STPs and Clinical Outcomes, Dr Mark Davies, MedeAnalytics discussed how the focus and language of health management were changing in response to Sustainability and Transformation Plans with emphasis on population, prediction and primary uses.  Mark also explained how a collaborative joined-up view of inputs and processes will contribute to improved outputs and outcomes.

 Finally, Kathy Mason, Vice-chair, techUK Health & Social Care Council outlined the status of possible funding for digital projects in Show me the Money! - Funding Technology-enabled Sustainability and Transformation, Kathy encouraged local initiatives using the Local Digital Roadmap (LDR) for CCGs and NHS Trusts.


Digital in Action – Click here for all presentations


The video report of the day is available here, filmed by Journalista (who we highly recommend).

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