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eRedbook assisting military families in Kenya and Cyprus

by Michael Catania

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After successful piloting in Kenya, eRedbook is poised for rollout in Cyprus.

Sitekit has been piloting the eRedbook (the digital version of the paper red book given to all new parents to manage their child’s health between the age of 0 and 5) in Kenya, working with the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) – the Armed Forces charity that employs health visitors to supply services to families with children.

The children of military families are very mobile and frequently relocated, with the eRedbook as a person held digital record (PHR) holding evident attraction to help smooth these frequent transitions. There are two small UK military bases in Kenya, one in Nairobi, and one in Nanyuki, with approximately 53 families with children aged under five between them.

These families are currently serviced by a SSAFA health visitor who flies into Kenya from Cyprus on a regular basis. The pilot scheme has seen these health visitors use eRedbook for families in Kenya, recording notes from their visits directly into the eRedbook. Parents are registered and authorised to use the eRedbook by a health visitor at the initial face to face contact, notes are then monitored remotely by video conference in-between meetings.

This addresses the problem of maintaining a health record of a child’s development remotely, both in terms of infrastructure and access - enabling a child’s record to easily travel with them wherever they are relocated. This takes eRedbook close to its original roots, where the paper ‘red book’ first emerged as a solution to the problem of governments being unable to afford the infrastructure required to store their populations’ healthcare records. The pioneering solution that has now moved into digital form was to issue a paper-based person-held record to parents, who could then carry that with them to monitor their child’s development. The concept proved so successful that the red book made its way back over to the UK.

The pilot has successfully demonstrated a proof of concept in Kenya, with the plan now to roll out the eRedbook to the British Military base in Cyprus where there are several hundred families with children under five.

More news on this as it develops.

The eRedbook team

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