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eRedbook included in Mayor of London’s Health Inequality Strategy

by Michael Catania

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The eRedbook has been officially mandated to help address disparate health outcomes as part of the Mayor of London’s Health Inequality Strategy.

Sitekit’s eRedbook – the digital version of the paper red book given to all new parents to manage their child’s health between the age of 0 and 5, has been officially included in the Mayor of London’s Health Inequality Strategy. The Mayor’s inequality strategy forms part of Sadiq Khan’s plans unveiled earlier this year to reduce inequalities across London.

eRedbook was adopted by the Mayor of London’s Health Committee at a town hall meeting at London’s City Hall. The Health Committee, which reviews health and wellbeing across London, with a particular focus on public health issues, was impressed with the eRedbook’s ability to help address the substantial challenges involved in improving health outcomes for children across London.

Obesity is a particular health concern for children in the capital, with childhood obesity rates soaring far ahead of the rest of the country. eRedbook’s ability to provide targeted, clinically-assured advice to parents makes it an excellent conduit for providing public health expertise to parents. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), the commissioners of eRedbook, have a duty under the strategy to reduce health inequalities for patients. eRedbook enables local trusts to create their own custom health messages and advice, which will allow NHS groups in boroughs where health inequalities are particular rife to offer targeted and relevant advice.

London’s CCGs have confirmed that the health inequalities strategy is in alignment with London transformation plans and the NHS Five Year Forward View – of which Sitekit’s eRedbook is already an integral part. As part of the scheme each London CCG is required to have regard to reducing health inequalities for patients in relation to accessing services and health outcomes through the provision of healthcare.

The lack of linkages between child health and educational records is a substantial public health problem. eRedbook, which is helping set the standard for interoperability in the UK could provide the crucial link between health and educational identifiers that would enable local authorities to start linking health outcomes to education.

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