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eRedbook signed up with ePCHR Accelerator

by Michael Catania

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The eRedbook rollout continues in London, Lancashire and the South West.

eRedbook, the digital version of the paper red book given to all new parents to manage their child’s health between the age of 0 and 5,  will continue to be rolled out in England with the new £1m ePCHR accelerator. The aim is to launch or accelerate the adoption of the eRedbook in London, Lancashire and the South West. Sitekit will continue to set the standard for interoperability infrastructure in England, having been commissioned to experiment with three different deployment models and infrastructure setups.

In London Sitekit will continue to build on its work with NHS England and NHS Digital to establish interoperability between multiple providers to eRedbook as a digital Personal Health Record (PHR) where data from local child health information systems is aggregated. Sitekit has connected this data repository with eRedbook and used FHIR messages to input and retrieve information from data sources across NHS London into eRedbook.

Sitekit initially developed a set of FHIR messages that were agreed with the NHS to inform the digital child health information standards. In Lancashire, Sitekit is prototyping the first of these messages with eRedbook. The eRedbook has been used as a test service, ensuring message integrity and end to end testing. Infrastructure piloting is now complete, with Lancashire ready to move into the next phase of rolling out to parents.

Southwest CSU are eager to use eRedbook as a bridge to empower patients, parents and carers in shared decision making and allowing them to become key stakeholders in their own health and care. The eRedbook service will facilitate the necessary infrastructure to make this happen, as well as providing the interface to coordinate care and provide parents with access to their child’s records.

This success demonstrates eRedbook’s continued centrality to the NHS’s Five Year Forward View (5YFV), the National Information Board’s Framework for Action, Personalised Health and Care 2020 (PHC2020) and the Healthy Children vision.

The 5YFV gives clear direction of why change is needed and outlines the basic digital requirements for the vision to become reality; PHC2020 provides a framework for action of how technology and data are essential for the delivery of quality and efficiency and improved patient’s outcomes - supporting frontline staff, patients and citizens to take better advantage of the digital opportunity that we currently face. ‘Healthy Children’ supports this view by supporting real time access to patient data for professionals as well as giving Patients, parents and carers better access to information to support them become more involved in decisions made around their own health and care.


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