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G-Cloud 9 – delivering digital for the public sector

by Wilf Prasher

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Public sector organisations can now use G-Cloud 9 (G9) to access Sitekit's cloud software and cloud support services.

Sitekit is proud to announce that we are now offering cloud hosting and software services through Gov.UK’s new G-Cloud 9 Framework.

These consist of:

  • Three cloud software services (previously listed under 'Software as a Service' or SaaS)
  • Cloud hosting with Health & Care Cloud Region (previously listed under ‘Infrastructure as a Service’)

These can all now be accessed through the Gov.UK Digital Marketplace.

UK public sector organisations save time and money buying standard and bespoke digital services using G-Cloud, rather than running extensive tender or competition procurement processes.

The G-Cloud 9 government framework agreement supports the central management and procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) manages the service to act on behalf of the Crown in helping to lower costs for taxpayer funded organisations and ensure the highest standards of quality for commercial and procurement activity.

In line with the UK Government 'Cloud First' policy for public sector I.T., Sitekit's approach has shown the benefits of utilizing cloud services and hosting to reduce costs and improve efficiency public sector organisations, including the NHS and the healthcare sector. Some examples include:

  • Digital Red Book, now rolling out in more areas across London is instrumental in allowing digital communication directly between parents and clinicians, improving parental engagement with their child's healthcare.
  • Health and Care Online Account, continuing in trials with NHS Liverpool CCG, allowing citizens to interact online with NHS and care services via their secure online digital identity.
  • Health & Care Cloud Region, also at NHS Liverpool CCG, allows local organisations to specify and commission digital services for their region.
  • The Clinical Decision Support Portal at NHS Barnsley CCG is saving GPs time during appointments with their patients, as it gives quick access to essential information such as diagnostic tools and prescribing guidelines.
  • Sitekit CMS supplies many organisations ranging from SMEs and charities, to large multi-nationals and public bodies with with websites, portals and digital products that are easy to use and can be managed by non-technical users. Sitekit CMS has a proven track-record in the delivery of standards compliant and user-friendly digital platforms.
  • Intranets, such as the East of England Ambulance Service intranet, are improving staff engagement and connectivity, even for staff who are off-site working from different locations.

Sitekit’s commitment to delivering digital to the public sector and its service users is evidenced through the company’s client base, case studies and glowing testimonials. The latest refresh of G-Cloud provides a framework for public sector organisations to quickly and easily compare suppliers, engage the marketplace, and commission VFM solutions that unlock staff time and deliver user benefit.

In this latest iteration, G-Cloud 9, Sitekit has consolidated its offerings to four key solution areas:

Digital Redbook – transforming the 0-5 pathway

Parents’ engagement with their child’s health is the single most important factor in that child’s development and a highly significant influence in the individual’s health as an adult. The current paper-based Red Book leverages this engagement to support parents in the early years of their child’s health and is lauded the world over as the gold standard of Personal Child Health Records (PCHRs).

Sitekit’s Digital Redbook (eRedbook) delivers the record for the modern era – an instantly accessible, secure child record that interoperates with the major CHIS suppliers and enables the CHIS OBS requirement to:

““support extensive system interoperability to deliver the critical linkages between child health delivery systems, maternity records, the personal child health record (PCHR), the eRedbook”

G-Cloud listing:

Health & Care Online Account – identity as a building block

Trusted online identities are building blocks in the digital world: where a user wants to transact online, he or she needs to provide information the transacting party can trust so an exchange of goods or services can take place. The information a user provides, and how reliable that information needs to be (assurance levels) vary according to use case and from sector to sector. In an NHS and care context, this means identifying a patient to a high degree of assurance as access to health data should be strictly guarded.

Sitekit enables this by leveraging cloud identity capabilities such as GOV.UK Verify, and appropriately assured social identities (SIdPs), to provide secure access to data through an experience immediately familiar to the user.

G-Cloud listing:

Health & Care Cloud Region – enabling digital STPs

The NHS STPs set out ambitious programmes for change, with digital as a cross-cutting enabling mechanism. Concepts such as Open APIs, transparent data sharing and consent mechanisms, identity services and access to records are by now common parlance; an architecture of loosely-coupled systems, deployed at a local level is beginning to crystallise and the opportunity to deliver patient benefit and NHS savings through IT is very real.

Sitekit’s Health & Care Cloud Region supports this through platform capabilities that simplify the join-up between best of breed, discrete digital services, with local and national NHS IT capabilities.

G-Cloud listing:

Sitekit CMS – patient activation through effective health promotion

Health education is fundamental to promoting healthy lifestyles, hence healthy populations and communities; a 2015 King’s Fund study found engaged citizens (activated patients) cost the NHS 21% less than their un-engaged peers – presenting the potential for huge savings if engagement is successfully achieved. With the maturity of digital, this presents an opportunity to move from generic, paper-based health promotional tools to tailored, personalised and “sticky” digital content.

Sitekit delivers this through a structured engagement to deliver a compelling web presence for an NHS org, underpinned by the NHS first-choice content management system, used by more than 70 NHS organisations, Sitekit CMS.

G-Cloud listing:

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