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Living it Up now accepts ‘myaccount’


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Sitekit has added the MyGovScot’s ‘myaccount’ as a citizen identity option to Living it Up, the Scottish well-being portal. Users of the Living it Up portal can now sign up and log in using their myaccount digital identity, as an alternative to social identity login options, such as Facebook or Google accounts.

Myaccount is a secure personal log-in service that residents of Scotland can use to access public services in Scotland. Living it Up is the first health-related website to accept myaccount registrations. Other public services that can be accessed with myaccount are the City of Edinburgh Council, the Highland Council and West Lothian Public Wifi Access.

A major advantage of myaccount is that users don’t have to create and remember separate login details for all the different public services they access, but can use a single, free, secure and trusted login service and manage their identity from a central location. Myaccount is nationally available, so users won’t have to re-register with local public sector services if they move to another part of Scotland.

If you’re running a public sector service in Scotland and are interested in offering myaccount login functionality, please get in touch with our team.

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