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Nominet award for eRedbook

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eRedbook is recognised as a Distinguished Runner Up at the Nominet Internet Awards 2014 in the "Digital innovation in public services" category.

The Nominet Internet Awards are all about celebrating the best Britain has to offer online. The spectacular award show at the London Film Museum on 3 July was attended by numerous representatives of the UK’s most innovative companies. eRedbook director Daniel Moulin, and Sheila Dalby, Divisional Manager Children’s Services at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, were present on behalf of eRedbook.

The eRedbook is the electronic PCHR (Personal Child Health Record) that allows parents and health professionals to maintain a secure online record of a child’s health. 

Currently, parents of every child born in the United Kingdom are given a paper-based Personal Child Health Record, informally known as the ‘Red Book.’ This record contains general information of a child’s health, immunisations, growth and development. It was created to engage parents in the health of their child, to increase their understanding of the child’s health and development, and to make communication between parent and health professional easier. 

The eRedbook is the digital version of this record, accessible online and on mobile devices. It is currently being trialled by two NHS trusts in England. 

It's a great honour for the eRedbook to be a Distinguished Runner Up, and is testament to the hard work of all involved in the eRedbook project partnership. 

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