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Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health endorses eRedbook

by Campbell Grant

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We are delighted to announce that eRedbook has received clinical assurance and endorsement by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). 

In a statement released on Monday, the RCPCH states that “after two years of collaborative working with NHS colleagues and private sector partners, the RCPCH is pleased to announce its endorsement of the eRedbook: a digital initiative which sees the content and ethos of the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) transferred to a more secure and easily accessible online format for parents and health professionals to use in the management of a child’s healthcare.” It is the first time in the UK that a Personal Health Record receives endorsement from a Royal College.

Dan Moulin, Sitekit Project Director for eRedbook, said: “This is the first untethered Personal Health Record to be endorsed by a Royal College. This forward thinking will help trusts to rapidly adopt the innovation and deliver the vision set out in the ‘Five Year Forward View’ and ‘Personalising Health and Care 2020’.  Providing parents with a personalised health record that they can share with clinicians is a really important part of the ‘Digital Revolution’ that is happening healthcare.”

About eRedbook

The Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) known colloquially as the "Redbook" is given to all new parents in the UK to manage the health and development of their child in partnership with health professionals. The PCHR forms the core record of the administration of the Healthy Child Programme in England. It is a shared record that can be used by both healthcare professionals and parents across multiple settings and borders, supporting the coordination of care.

eRedbook is the digital version of the PCHR, and can be offered to parents as an alternative for the paper Redbook.

For parents, eRedbook is available online on smartphone, tablet or PC, providing greater accessibility. eRedbook promotes collaboration between parents and health professionals, engaging parents in decisions about their child’s care. The transactional record encourages them to engage in context rich information which is designed to  be personalised by a child’s age, condition, health plan or location.

For clinicians, eRedbook can automatically flow information recorded by parents and health professionals, to and from clinical systems. This dramatically improves information sharing and reduces information rekeying; freeing valuable time to care. Data entry of growth information is also easier to enter and much more accurate. 

For Trusts, in addition to health benefits, there is the potential for significant financial benefits: reducing DNAs, digitising communication of appointments, letters, and leaflets between health professional and parent could save the NHS millions of pounds every year.


  • Mobility – improved access for parents, available anywhere online
  • Engaging – context rich, providing parents a personalised care record
  • Participation – enabling partnership between health professionals and parents, leading to better health outcomes
  • Collaboration – supporting the coordination of care across multiple services and boundaries
  • Freeing time to care – enabling information to be captured once by automating the flow of information
  • Trusted - assured clinically and compliant with the PCHR standard

eRedbook is developed by Sitekit, in partnership with the RCPCH, Harlow Printing, Microsoft, dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) Year Zero programme and NHS partners. A Clinical Advisory Group and inter-collegiate PCHR Committee oversee the eRedbook’s development. eRedbook can be procured through Gov.UK’s Digital Marketplace.

Funding opportunities

We would like to invite NHS Trusts that are looking to use Nursing Tech Fund 2 to obtain funding for eRedbook to get in touch with our team. We can help by supporting bid planning, engaging stakeholders, to make the bids as straight forward and successful as possible.

A total of £35 million is available for NHS Trusts that wish to innovate the delivery of care and free up more time for patients through the use of digital technology. The Tech Fund can be used for: 

  • Resource technology pilots and adoption
  • Obtain mobile devices if you don’t already have them
  • Try eRedbook as part of small scale deployment or wider adoption (depending on local circumstances)
  • Localisation, customisation and interoperability, for organisations that are interested in this

eRedbook promotes collaboration between parents and health professionals, engaging parents in decisions about their child’s care.

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