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Sitekit CEO Campbell Grant on Holyrood ‘Tech 100’

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Campbell GrantCampbell Grant, CEO of Sitekit, is featured in Holyrood Magazine’s ‘Tech 100’ for 2015. The list celebrates the 100 most influential people who help drive forward the digital agenda in Scotland.

In an accompanying interview with Holyrood Magazine, Campbell cites the work Sitekit has done as part of Innovate UK’s ‘dallas’ programme as being the most rewarding work he’s undertaken so far. Campbell said: “[dallas was] a fantastic experience, in which the lives of thousands of people UK-wide have been positively affected. The DALLAS programme is coming to an end this year, but the products that are part of DALLAS are in continuing development in collaboration with the users.”

Asked what 2016 will bring from a digital standpoint, Campbell foresees a much more focussed effort to enable citizens to access public services digitally, and accelerated development of a wide array of person-centred health and care services.

To read Campbell’s full interview, and find out who else is listed on the Tech 100, please read the full article on Holyrood Magazine.

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