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Sitekit Partners with Systems Advisers Limited

by Campbell Grant

category: Corporate News

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Sitekit is delighted to welcome Systems Advisers Limited to Sitekit’s partner programme. The partnership consolidates Sitekit’s position as a domain leader in the development of robust Digital Health software architectures.

Systems Advisers Limited is an Edinburgh based international consultancy firm dedicated to enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture in the health and social care domain. It is led by Bob Jarvis, a world-recognised subject matter expert in the field of Systems Architecture and Integrated Digital Healthcare architectures. He is the principal author and co-developer of Microsoft’s  ‘Connected Health Framework’, comprehensive business and technical guidance and an enabling toolkit designed to make specification of such an architecture as straightforward as possible.

Connected Health Framework

Bob’s development of Connected Health Framework is based on the underlying premise that in order to achieve transformation in healthcare, seamless inter-agency communication must be effectively implemented. Connected Health Framework formalises this at a high-level with the definition of nine guiding principles:

Achieving application integration:

  • Stable foundation and agile implementations
  • Managed multiplicity of platform and location
  • Flexible configuration and process engineering
  • Consistent, available and understandable data
  • Legacy component re-use

Achieving interoperability:

  • Open standards application
  • Best practice observance
  • Cutting-edge technical capability
  • Secure, managed and efficient infrastructures

Design, development and deployment of robust interoperable software solutions is a core Sitekit competency – partnership with Bob Jarvis and the Systems Advisers Limited team will provide access to unrivalled knowledge and expertise that will enhance this skillset and maximise the value of Connected Health Framework implementation. Work is in progress to extend the CHF guidance into the area of Personal Wellbeing system enablement and application development.

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