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Sitekit products and services on G-Cloud 8

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Public sector organisations are now able to procure Sitekit’s products and services directly through Gov.UK’s G-Cloud 8 (G8) framework.

Sitekit was awarded a place on Gov.UK’s G-Cloud 8 Framework to supply four SaaS (Software as a Service) listings and seven Specialist Cloud Services (consultancy services), which are listed on the Digital Marketplace.

UK public sector organisations can buy standard or bespoke digital services on the Digital Marketplace without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process, saving them time and money.

The framework agreement supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government.

It is managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS), which acts on behalf of the Crown to drive savings for the taxpayer and improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity.

Reflecting the CCS’ aims, Sitekit’s products and services have proven to reduce costs and improve efficiency for the NHS and other public sector organisations. Some examples include:

  • Digital Red Book, currently being field tested in London, improves parental engagement by allowing 2-way digital communication between parents and clinicians.
  • NHS Online Account, in trial at NHS Liverpool CCG, provides citizens with a secure digital identity that they can use to interact online with NHS and care services.
  • NHS & Care Cloud Platform, also at NHS Liverpool CCG, allows local organisations to specify and commission digital services for their region.
  • The Clinical Decision Support Portal at NHS Barnsley CCG is saving GPs time during appointments with their patients, as it gives quick access to essential information such as diagnostic tools and prescribing guidelines.
  • Sitekit CMS allows public sector organisations to easily manage websites and other digital products. Sitekit CMS was co-designed with public sector clients.
  • Intranets, such as the East of England Ambulance Service intranet, are improving staff engagement and connectivity, even if staff are on the road a lot or are working from different locations.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sitekit's products and services lead to efficiency gains for your organisation, get in touch.


G-Cloud 8 Listings:

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Digital Red Book

The eRedbook is the digital version of the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) known colloquially as the "Redbook", given to all new parents in the UK to manage the health and development of their child in partnership with health professionals. It is a shared record that can be used by both healthcare professionals and parents across multiple settings and borders, supporting the coordination of care.

Our eRedbook cloud service, as listed on G-Cloud 8, helps organisations implement the eRedbook to achieve the goals of the healthy child programme and unlocks significant administrative savings through electronic, rather than paper, data exchange.

NHS Online Account

The NHS Online Account is an assured online identity for citizens which they can use to transact with a range of online NHS services.

The service uses a social identity provider (e.g. Facebook, Microsoft, Google), enhanced with face-to-face vouching by a clinician, or a GOV.UK Verify identity provider, to match people to their NHS number.

NHS & Care Cloud Platform

The NHS & Care Cloud Platform is a digital network that securely connects health and care professionals, citizens and their family and friends to locally specified digital self-care services/apps. The core features of the platform include:

  • Personal Health Records (PHRs) to promote citizen ownership of health and care data
  • Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate inter-organisation and cross-boundary data flow
  • Data sharing and consent management tools to support explicit and informed consent
  • Circle of Care to enable citizens to invite friends and family to their care programme
  • Citizen and professional authentication services
  • Service provider and app registration, referral and invitation services
  • Service bus for secure messaging
  • Data warehouse for business intelligence
  • Audit log for governance purposes

Sitekit CMS Cloud Service

Sitekit CMS is a browser based solution for the creation and deployment of online interactive platforms, such as websites, portals and intranets. With an easy to use interface and modular system, non-technical administrators and editors are able to manage complex sites and functionality without the need for programming skills. The system also includes a full API (Application Programming Interface), allowing easy integration with third party cloud based services, to both consume and publish content into third party systems.

Specialist Cloud Services (SCS)

Service Redesign Consultancy

The delivery of health and care services requires the effective coordination of many professional teams, working closely with patients/citizens, their family and carers. Typically, existing processes and systems are designed to deliver efficiencies for teams working in silos, and are not well set-up to achieve the benefits of inter-organisational and cross-boundary working, an emerging priority as health and care work more and more in partnership.

Cloud Message Service Integration Package

The Cloud Message Service Integration Package helps organisations exploit cloud services that need to exchange data with existing cloud or on-premise systems and/or message services such as enterprise service buses.

This service will help assess and test the right approach for integrating local systems with cloud services using web-service based messaging architectures, approaches (e.g. open standards) and technologies.

Cloud Identity Service Integration Package

The Cloud Identity Service Integration package helps organisations integrate cloud/on-premise systems with cloud identity services to provide secure and seamless IT access for employees, partners and clients.

This service will help an organisation assess and test the right approach for integrating IT services with cloud identity capabilities, with the goal of making it easy for users to access the services in a way that’s familiar, simple and secure.

Cloud Deployment Support Package

The Cloud Deployment Support package helps organisations release, install and activate, deactivate, adapt, update, uninstall or retire a cloud software system where that supports the use of cloud services within a cloud/on-premise/hybrid solution.

Managing these processes successfully will support resilient “business as usual” environments, and this package will help organisations assess the requirements for deployment support and plan the right approach.

NHS Online Account Support Service

Range of specialist cloud services to facilitate the deployment and development of the Sitekit NHS Online Account.

NHS & Care Cloud Platform Support Service

Range of specialist cloud services to facilitate the deployment and development of the Sitekit NHS & Care Cloud Platform.

Sitekit CMS On-Boarding Planning & Support Service

On-boarding planning and support service to facilitate the deployment and development of Sitekit CMS.


Public sector organisations can buy services on the Digital Marketplace without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process, saving them time and money.

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