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Sitekit signs TechUK Interoperability Charter

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Sitekit is a signatory of TechUK’s new Interoperability Charter, which provides interoperability standards for digital service transformation at NHS England.

By signing the Interoperability Charter Sitekit commits to providing information solutions that enable change in support of integrated care. NHS organisations preparing their digital roadmap and local information sharing solutions, in support of achieving the Five Year Forward View, can rely on the Charter’s signatories to provide interoperable solutions.

The Charter features in a series of tools being developed by NHS England, including the Interoperability Handbook, which is a "how-to guide" for NHS organisations to plan their digital roadmap and procure digital health and care solutions.

The Charter’s five key principles are:

  1. We will make available to other suppliers, the NHS and Local Authorities, the technical specifications of our interfaces without charge.
  2. Where there is customer demand we agree to co-operate without charge with other suppliers in developing interfaces.
  3. We will not reinvent the wheel and will use internationally recognised standards where relevant.
  4. We will only charge reasonable and proportionate fees to the end user organisation for Licensing, Implementation and Support services required for the interfaces.
  5. Where new interfaces or enhancements to existing interfaces are required, we will not charge twice for the same software development.

Inderjit Singh, Head of Enterprise Architecture, NHS England said: "We support the Interoperability Charter and the need for suppliers to provide open interfaces within and across care settings, and therefore will be directing organisations starting to plan their blueprint for interoperability to the Charter for their supplier partners."

Natalie Bateman, Head of Health, Social Care and Local Government, techUK said: "The technology industry welcomes the new models of integrated care set out in Simon Stevens' Five Year Forward View, and we're committed to ensuring that technology does not pose a barrier to the integration of systems and improved sharing of data, as is demonstrated by the level of support we have for the Charter since launching a few weeks ago. The 60 companies that have signed up are leading the way in revolutionising how health and care is delivered."

Chris Eckl, CTO, Sitekit said: “We’re very pleased to be signatories to the TechUK Intreroperability Charter, as this is something we have been working toward for many years. Interoperability is essential for the secure flow of information: within and between organisations, but more importantly between organisations and citizens.

The charter recognises the importance of people being able to view and contribute to the records organisations hold on them. In a healthcare context this means that patients are empowered and quality and patient safety are improved, by allowing people to maintain a personal held copy of their health record. It also enables them to check, contribute and enhance their statutory record from the patient perspective.”

For more information on the Interoperability Charter, please visit TechUK.

If you are an NHS organisation looking for guidance or solutions on digital transformation and interoperability, please get in touch.

Interoperability is essential for the secure flow of information: within and between organisations, but more importantly between organisations and citizens.

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