Clinical Decision Support Portal

Clinical Knowledge Support Portal

Quick access to essential clinical information and imagery for GPs and other clinicians, significantly reducing the time that they spend on finding information at the point of care.

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Self Care Digital Platform

Self Care Digital Platform

The Self Care Digital Platform is a digital network that securely connects citizens, carers and health professionals. It offers accredited web applications that can be prescribed by health professionals to their patients.

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The Digital Personal Child Health Record, clinically validated by the Royal College of Child Health and Paediatrics, allows collaboration between parents and health professionals,  which improves child health and parental engagement.

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Sitekit CMS

Sitekit CMS

The Content Management System of choice for over 80 NHS organisations. Sitekit CMS offers extensive editing options, great SEO capabilities and excellent support by Sitekit's UK staff.

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innovators in digital health + care

Sitekit is a healthcare technology company with a mission to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, assisted by joined-up digital services.

Having worked in collaboration with the NHS since 2004, Sitekit is committed to developing software solutions that improve health and care delivery, enabling the most vulnerable in our society to live healthily and independently through the use of digital technology that the citizen already uses or has straightforward access to. Sitekit is delivering this vision by collaborating with NHS, university and industry partners.

in collaboration with

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Living it UpThe University of EdinburghEdinburgh Napiernhs24


Personal Health Records


Enabling mobility, participation and collaboration

Personal Health Records (PHRs) are digital health files that are owned and maintained by individuals - and with their consent, shared with their 'circle of care’ which may include family, friends, or other voluntary or professional carer. They empower people to take more control over managing their health and well-being or to manage a long-term condition. PHRs can contain medical data supplied by health and care professionals, such as lab results, as well as self-reported data, such as weight, activity, diet and general lifestyle data now available from consumer devices.  

Personal Health Record on iPad

Connecting personal and statutory health domains

Most people want to play an active part in managing their health, and modern technology gives them the ability to self-care much better than they could do in the past. Rather than manage healthcare in two different worlds, ‘Statutory Health’ and ‘Personal Health’, Sitekit believes that these worlds should be brought together. 

Personal Health Records are an excellent tool to achieve just that, as they sit in the centre of both worlds and allow collaboration between all people involved in a person’s care. Sitekit provides the technology to build PHRs on a secure framework, allowing for interoperability and advanced functionality.



eRedbook: the electronic Personal Child Health Record (ePCHR)

In collaboration with NHS, Harlow Printing, Microsoft HealthVault and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Sitekit has created the eRedbook, which is a PHR for children between 0-5 years old. Learn more about eRedbook


Self-Care Platforms

elderly man on self care

Enabling people to live independent lifestyles

Self-care is all about taking care of your own health and well-being, without necessarily needing support from healthcare workers. It’s a broad term that can include anything from watching your diet to managing a long-term condition with the help of a digital app.

In our ageing society healthcare costs are on the rise, and self-care is an important tool to keep people out of secondary care. By giving the people the tools to manage their own health and well-being, we enable them to live fuller, healthier and happier lives in their own homes, while reducing unnecessary treatment costs.

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Application ecosystems

Sitekit develops application ecosystems that allow people to access a wide range of self-care services. Central to the development of these platforms is a number of key themes:

  • The user is in control: they manage who has access to their health data and own the health record
  • Data flows freely between applications, so a whole system picture of a user’s health is possible
  • The ecosystem should be open, allowing application developers to ‘plug and play’
  • The ecosystem should be built to the highest standards of data security.
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Best practice approach to self-care 

Through Sitekit's work in projects such as Mi (more independent) and Living it Up, Sitekit has developed a best practice approach to developing self-care tools and platforms.

Living it Up case study

Mi (More independent) case study

Health Apps


A new way to interact with citizens and patient groups

Mobile phones, computers and tablets provide a platform to engage with people in a new way, reaching people that were hard to interact with before. Sitekit creates health and well-being apps for different patient groups, in collaboration with official bodies such as the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health or commissioned by NHS or other health organisations.

Websites & Intranets


Professional web solutions for internet & intranet

Sitekit creates advanced websites and intranets of the highest quality and standard. Sitekit has clients in the corporate, healthcare, travel, media and finance sectors. With more than 25 years’ experience, you can rely on Sitekit to create web solutions that fit your requirements and exceed your expectations.



Sitekit CMS intranets on tablet

Sitekit CMS

Sitekit's own Content Management System, Sitekit CMS, has been continuously developed for more than 10 years and powers hundreds of large websites around the world. Sitekit CMS offers excellent content management solutions, as well as strong SEO features and essential functionality like event management, forms, responsive design and more. On top of that, it is supported by our friendly, UK-based staff - 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Available on Gov.UK Digital Marketplace

The Sitekit CMS Cloud Service provides an easy to use browser based platform for the creation, development and ongoing maintenance of websites and portals for non-technical users.

nhs site

Specialist hosting

Sitekit's web and intranet solutions are available as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). This means Sitekit hosts your website along with the software you are using to run them. Your staff can then manage your online operations entirely through their web browsers. Hosting options include:

Cloud hosting 
Add servers quickly and easily when you need them and scale back when you don’t. Because you only pay for what you use, you avoid large, upfront costs of traditional hosting infrastructures. Sitekit can provide high-security, fully-managed cloud hosting services, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon ECII.

Sitekit hosting
Server administration is handled by Sitekit's experts, allowing you to focus on your primary business activities. For more data intensive users, where ultimate performance and absolute uptime is key, Sitekit offers multiple dedicated server clusters are provided at a facility in London. 

Deployed hosting 
Sitekit has a wealth of experience deploying solutions to client infrastructures – helping in-house teams install, optimise and continue to get great value from their software.



Secure data exchange between personal and statutory domains

Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems or devices to exchange and use information. In a UK healthcare context, this can mean that personal devices and statutory systems can exchange information, or that health information can be shared between different care systems.

Through the delivery of solutions in the health and care sector, Sitekit has gained experience of designing and implementing interoperable systems for different uses.


Open Standards

Sitekit develops solutions built on open standards-based components, enabling seamless interaction and compatibility between old and new systems. At an organisational level, Sitekit helps you define the required business and information frameworks to provide the semantic context in which your systems operate.

Identity service integration

Sitekit can deliver a service package to help you integrate a cloud service with identity services. This makes it easy for employees, partners, and/or customers to access secure services. Read more on Gov.UK's Digital Marketplace



Specialist consultancy services

With over twenty years of experience, Sitekit knows how to steer a project from its beginnings to a successful end. Sitekit takes the time to understand our clients’ needs and the way they work – from confidentiality and accountability to the day-to-day challenges of providing services for a large, diverse group of users.

Digital transformation

When your organisation is ‘going paperless’, Sitekit's consultants can help you manage the process to ensure that all stakeholders are involved and you reach the targets you set out to achieve.

Identity & access control

Access to online services should be quick, simple and secure. Users should be able to log in without having to worry about devices, locations or authentication methods. That’s why Sitekit specialises in creating services that enable advanced access control management through login methods that are familiar to the end user.

A recurring challenge for public sector organisations that wish to introduce a new service is providing seamless access, whilst ensuring the security of the service and data. Cloud services should not introduce barriers to take-up by forcing people to go through difficult sign-up processes or requiring different passwords. Sitekit works with you to assess the requirements for a cloud service, provides advice on options for implementation and supports you through the development process.

Enterprise Architecture


From concept to delivery

Sitekit's team of Enterprise Architects can lead the implementation of innovative software solutions from ‘at the whiteboard’ conception to delivery, advising on change management, enterprise integration and solution deployment.


The right solution for every challenge

To make sure that a solution is developed that solves your business challenges, it’s important to understand and define the core issue. Sitekit helps you demonstrate the value of your solution in-house by involving all stakeholders at an early stage of the project. Sitekit will organise engagement exercises designed to understand your requirements. Input from all people involved will be reconciled into a technical brief, allowing your organisation to choose the best way forward.

Sitekit analyses previous work, so unnecessary rework can be minimised. Using a project working group consisting of different key stakeholders ensures that the design & development of the solution is supported by the entire organisation. Typically, Sitekit practices an agile, iterative approach to software development, allowing measurable steps to be taken to a fully-featured solution. Development in this way helps ensure early visibility of progress, and any issues to be raised and resolved early.

The go-live period is often the most demanding for you and your team. Sitekit is available to provide as much support and assistance as required, whether that means answering queries or providing hands-on technical assistance. Once your solution is up and running, Sitekit will continue to support you with the allocation of a dedicated account manager, who knows you and your organisation and will help you continue to deliver business value year on year.

Programme Management

Driven by benefits

Many public sector projects are executed by a consortium of different companies. Working as a collaborative partnership has the advantage of being able to create large-scale solutions, with specialists designing applications at micro-level.

Programme management ensures that different smaller projects led by consortium partners are aligned and managed optimally. With the existence of a vision and the need to turn project outcomes into benefits realisation, programme management ensures focus and alignment to being driven by benefits, rather than technology or systems.


Project and programme management

Sitekit offers advanced Programme Management services, suited for a range of different projects and using different project management methods including PRINCE2 and Agile. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.


Sitekit has created a range of products in the field of digital health and care.



eRedbook is the digital version of the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) known colloquially as the "Redbook", given to all new parents in the UK to manage the health and development of their child in partnership with health professionals. It is a shared record that can be used by both healthcare professionals and parents across multiple settings and borders, supporting the coordination of care.

  • Personal Health Record for children age 0-5
  • Clinically validated by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Accessible with computer, tablet and mobile phone
  • Improves parental engagement in their child’s health and reduces administrative overheads for NHS

visit eRedbook website

Self Care Digital Platform

mi liverpool

The Self Care Digital Platform is a digital network that securely connects citizens, carers and health professionals. The platform offers accredited web applications that can be prescribed by health professionals to their patients.

Information collected in the health apps is stored in a Person-Held Record (PHR): a digital file that can be accessed whenever the patient has an internet connection, by tablet, phone or pc. The patient can share information stored in the PHR with other people, such as their GP or carer – allowing others to keep an eye on the patient’s self-reported data remotely.

  • Empowering patients with access to the tools and services needed to care for themselves effectively
  • Referral subsystem that enables health and care professionals to refer their patients to self-care services
  • Facilitating interoperability between provider systems and Person Held Records, used by self-care services


Sitekit CMS

Sitekit CMS

Powering over 80 NHS websites and intranets, including those of National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Sitekit CMS allows organisations to quickly create great-looking websites that are fully responsive and meet accessibility standards. 

Delivering a technically excellent product that is simple to use, and fully supported in every area from day one of the project, is easy with Sitekit CMS. Sitekit has developed a comprehensive range of products for customers and partners that reflect the diverse spectrum of web requirements - from small microsites promoting one-off events, to content rich corporate sites, to large public sector portals.  

  • A simple, intuitive way of managing content
  • Easy management of multiple sites and micro-sites
  • Friendly, UK-based expert support - 24x7x365

Clinical Knowledge Support Portal


The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal offers quick access to essential clinical information and imagery for GPs and other clinicians.

During consultations the online portal allows access to nationally available clinical content, localised information which includes clinical pathways, guidelines, diagnostic tools, patient information sheets and other content.

Hosted using Sitekit CMS or any other content management system, the portal is highly responsive and accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones -  allowing clinicians to access information wherever they are.

The portal saves health professionals time, which improves clinical efficacy and contributes to a more informed and efficient consultation period with patients. The portal has proven to be especially useful for locums or new GPs as it makes it quicker and easier for them to access information most relevant to the local practice.

The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal was co-designed with clinical leads and IT teams at NHS Barnsley CCG. The portal can be fully customised to local requirements.

Read Barnsley CCG's case study

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