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The Digital Personal Child Health Record, clinically validated by the Royal College of Child Health and Paediatrics, allows collaboration between parents and health professionals,  which improves child health and parental engagement.

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Sitekit CMS

Sitekit CMS

The Content Management System of choice for over 80 NHS organisations. Sitekit CMS offers extensive editing options, great SEO capabilities and excellent support by Sitekit's UK staff.

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Our world is constantly changing. Technology, regulations, market conditions, risks and opportunities continue to evolve whilst your clients expect the very best from you and trust you to keep their personal data safe. In this complex digital landscape, we make life simpler by building services that are trusted and secure, using open data standards whenever possible, driving efficiencies at scale.

We do this because we believe in our end goal: for every person in the world to have secure access to innovative digital services that provide them with the right information, at the right time, using technology that’s familiar and easy-to-use.

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Identity & access management

Identity verification

Trusted online identities are the keystones of the digital world. To provide digital services, organisations need to rely on the accuracy of the information their users provide.

Verifying the accuracy of online information can be a challenge. People expect websites to be quick and simple: they don’t want to enter the same information twice. Organisations, on the other hand, want maximal security and may have to challenge their users on the information they provide.

Without new solutions, the challenge is going to get bigger. Private firms continuously have to improve their digital services to gain and retain customers in a competitive market. Government have to drive efficiencies while their users are increasingly demanding and digitally literate.

Sitekit’s consultancy services address these challenges by testing and deploying integrated identity and IT services using the latest cloud technologies – making it easy and secure for users to access your services.

Verify Sandbox

Verify gives the citizen a choice of identity providers to access digital government services. It is currently live for a number of Government services, including HMRC and DVLA. GDS (Government Digital Service), the sponsoring organisation behind Verify, has the vision to deploy Verify to all centrally-managed as well as local government departments, with the ambition to give citizens a secure and portable online identity. In addition, Verify will be rolled out to the private sector, starting with a beta phase in July 2017.

To support this, Sitekit offers the Verify Sandbox: an environment that allows public and private sector organisations to test how government assured identities make digital transactions quicker, safer and simpler, considering:

  • Business goals for cloud identity
  • Privacy, security and access control requirements
  • National and international identity landscape

Sitekit delivers Verify Sandbox as an engagement between Sitekit and the client, comprising a series of workshops and limited software development to demonstrate Proof of Concept (PoC).


NHS Online Account

Sitekit provides an NHS Online Account on GOV.UK’s Digital Marketplace, which is an assured online identity for citizens that they can use to transact with a range of online NHS services. The service uses a social identity provider (e.g. Facebook, Microsoft, Google), enhanced with face-to-face vouching by a clinician, or a GOV.UK Verify identity provider, to match people to their NHS number.

View NHS Online Account on the Digital Marketplace


Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C Premium

To ensure citizen identities are secure and solutions can be scaled to regional or national populations, Sitekit recommends using Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C Premium, a cloud solution for handling personal identities. Azure AD B2C consists of millions of independent identity systems controlled by enterprise and government “tenants”. Each tenant’s information is owned and usable by the controlling organisation - not by Microsoft. Since the release of the service there have already been over 1 trillion Azure AD authentications.


Digital pathways

elderly man on self care

Improve clinical effectiveness, patient outcomes and the therapeutic experience with digitally enabled clinical pathways

Supporting the Five Year Forward View and NHS England’s vision to create a paperless healthcare service, Sitekit helps organisations set up digital clinical pathways using a co-creation approach increasing therapeutic support as well as allowing access to multi-media resources.

IAM Portal

Advancing digital transformation

Sitekit provides all the technical components to build secure digital clinical pathways: e.g. patient registration, digital identity and authentication, multi-disciplinary case management, assessment and management of referrals via a front end portal. As such, Sitekit is ideally placed to help organisations advance their Sustainability and Transformation Plans through secure, person-centred technology.

Sitekit has partnered with a number of organisations to build out digital clinical pathways. For instance, Sitekit has created a clinical portal (SWIMMS) and holistic well-being app (IAM) for young people with cancer in collaboration with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, TYA Care South West, MacMillan and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Read the IAM Portal case study

Personal Health Records


Share data across clinical services and systems by putting the patient in control

Personal Health Records or Person-Held Records (PHRs) are digital health files that are owned and maintained by individuals - and with their consent, shared with their 'circle of care’ which may include family, friends, or other voluntary or professional carers.

They empower people to take more control over managing their health and well-being or to manage a long-term condition. PHRs can contain medical data supplied by health and care professionals, such as lab results, as well as self-reported data, such as weight, activity, diet and general lifestyle data now available from consumer devices. 

Personal Health Record on iPad

Connecting personal and statutory health domains

The future of health is interconnected. Private, social and statutory care are joined-up and always accessible. People play an active role in managing their health and professionals have access to relevant, up-to-date information on their patients.

Personal Health Records enable data to flow between different systems, allowing collaboration between all people involved in a person’s care. Sitekit provides the technology to build PHRs on a secure framework.

As providers of the eRedbook, Sitekit has a wealth of knowledge and expertise which can assist organisations in several aspects of implementing Personal Health Records, including process mapping, digital service design, change management, interface design, interoperability and information governance.

Self-management platforms

mi screen

Supporting people to manage their health and well-being

In our ageing society healthcare costs are on the rise, and self-management is an important enabler to improve people’s independence and reduce the burden on both primary and secondary care.

Sitekit was a technical partner in the Innovate UK DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) programme, which had the mission of benefiting people across the UK by giving them access to innovative health and care technologies. Sitekit helped create the technical infrastructure of two DALLAS communities: Living it Up and More Independent. The underlying software platform continues to be used and developed and is available for procurement on GOV.UK Digital Marketplace.



Experts in FHIR

Central to the development of supported self-management platforms is a number of key themes:

  • The user is in control: they manage who has access to their health data and own the health record
  • Data flows freely between applications, so a whole system picture of a user’s health is possible
  • The ecosystem should be open, allowing application developers to ‘plug and play’
  • The ecosystem should be built to the highest standards of data security

As such, Sitekit has specialised in the use of FHIR, the messaging standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. NHS England has contracted Sitekit to develop, publish and implement the technical messages and standards to deliver the vision set out in the Digital Child Health Strategy using FHIR. The Children’s Pathway is the first clinical pathway to use FHIR.

NHS & Care Cloud Platform

Sitekit provides the NHS & Care Cloud Platform on GOV.UK’s Digital Marketplace, which is digital network that securely connects health and care professionals, citizens and their family and friends to locally specified digital self-care services/apps. The platform consists of documentation and ready-to-implement digital services, such as Person-Held Records, data sharing & consent management and citizen authentication services.

View NHS & Care Cloud Platform on the Digital Marketplace

Mobile, web & intranet


Over 25 years’ experience in creating web and mobile solutions for private and public sector

Sitekit creates secure and highly creative web products using a range of technologies and content management systems, including Sitekit’s own product: Sitekit CMS.

Sitekit has clients in the corporate, healthcare, travel, media and finance sectors. With more than 25 years’ experience, you can rely on Sitekit to create web solutions that fit your requirements and deliver measurable benefits.


Collaborative development 

Sitekit uses a completely transparent approach to web, mobile & app development in which clients get weekly demos of progress and have a direct say in which items are prioritised. Using collaborative project board tools enables clients to see what the team is working on and provide feedback at an early stage. The collaborative approach works in Agile, PRINCE2 and other project environments.

ISO 9001

Customer service as a top priority

Sitekit's ISO 9001 certification means that clients can rely on excellent around-the-clock customer service. Our friendly, UK-based staff is at hand to provide support or advise you on new technologies and changes in regulations. Feedback from our most recent customer survey:

“Sitekit's technical support is the best of any supplier, vendor, or software company that I work with.”

“Sitekit CMS is a very flexible and cost-effective solution for building and managing our websites. The support team are very quick to respond.”

“Excellent response times and friendly and knowledgeable staff.”


Sitekit has created a range of products in the field of digital health and care.



eRedbook is the digital version of the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) known colloquially as the "Redbook", given to all new parents in the UK to manage the health and development of their child in partnership with health professionals. It is a shared record that can be used by both healthcare professionals and parents across multiple settings and borders, supporting the coordination of care.

  • Personal Health Record for children age 0-5
  • Clinically validated by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Accessible with computer, tablet and mobile phone
  • Improves parental engagement in their child’s health and reduces administrative overheads for NHS

visit eRedbook website

Self Care Digital Platform

mi liverpool

The Self Care Digital Platform is a digital network that securely connects citizens, carers and health professionals. The platform offers accredited web applications that can be prescribed by health professionals to their patients.

Information collected in the health apps is stored in a Person-Held Record (PHR): a digital file that can be accessed whenever the patient has an internet connection, by tablet, phone or pc. The patient can share information stored in the PHR with other people, such as their GP or carer – allowing others to keep an eye on the patient’s self-reported data remotely.

  • Empowering patients with access to the tools and services needed to care for themselves effectively
  • Referral subsystem that enables health and care professionals to refer their patients to self-care services
  • Facilitating interoperability between provider systems and Person Held Records, used by self-care services


Sitekit CMS

Sitekit CMS

Powering over 80 NHS websites and intranets, including those of National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Sitekit CMS allows organisations to quickly create great-looking websites that are fully responsive and meet accessibility standards. 

Delivering a technically excellent product that is simple to use, and fully supported in every area from day one of the project, is easy with Sitekit CMS. Sitekit has developed a comprehensive range of products for customers and partners that reflect the diverse spectrum of web requirements - from small microsites promoting one-off events, to content rich corporate sites, to large public sector portals.  

  • A simple, intuitive way of managing content
  • Easy management of multiple sites and micro-sites
  • Friendly, UK-based expert support - 24x7x365

Clinical Knowledge Support Portal


The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal offers quick access to essential clinical information and imagery for GPs and other clinicians.

During consultations the online portal allows access to nationally available clinical content, localised information which includes clinical pathways, guidelines, diagnostic tools, patient information sheets and other content.

Hosted using Sitekit CMS or any other content management system, the portal is highly responsive and accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones -  allowing clinicians to access information wherever they are.

The portal saves health professionals time, which improves clinical efficacy and contributes to a more informed and efficient consultation period with patients. The portal has proven to be especially useful for locums or new GPs as it makes it quicker and easier for them to access information most relevant to the local practice.

The Clinical Knowledge Support Portal was co-designed with GPs at NHS Barnsley CCG. The portal can be fully customised to local requirements.

Read Barnsley CCG's case study

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