Digital Identity Proofing

Sitekit Digital Passports are cost-saving wherever an individual is required to present credentials to an organisation to prove who they are or that they hold a certification or qualification.  

The individual may be seeking work permanently with a healthcare organisation, or can be visiting as a contractor, inspector or to carry out specific duties.

Digital Staff Passports

What is a Sitekit Digital Passport?

A Digital Passport is a set of previously validated information, known as credentials, held by an individual on their phone that they can present to a receiving organisation when asked. The receiving organisation can use the credentials as trusted information, using it to allow the individual to progress through an organisational process such as onboarding, or allowing a building contractor access to a site.

How does it work?

An individual downloads a digital passport app on their phone. They receive credentials into their digital passport from an issuing organisation. This might be a certificate provider such as an education establishment, regulatory body, or other organisation trusted by the receiving organisation.  

When the individual is asked to prove their identity, qualifications, or other information by the organisation they are going to work for, the individual can provide the organisation with the proof they require in the form of a digital credential. The credential is sent by a secure connection.  

The receiving organisation can check that the credential is still valid by digitally requesting confirmation from the issuing organisation.  

Why is it a good way to work?

Sitekit Digital Passports are based on decentralised identity technology. This means that information about an individual can exist and be passed to allowed recipients of the data without the need for a central store holding copies of the data. A decentralised identity approach helps people, organisations and systems interact with each other transparently and securely within a trust fabric.

Could I build a Sitekit Digital Passport to solve my problem?

If your organisation has a mobile workforce that visits multiple locations where they need to prove who they are either as a one-off, or on a regular basis then a digital staff passporting solution may help you. Similarly, if staff from your organisation work on NHS premises and need approved access, or to demonstrate the right to work, a digital passporting solution may solve one or more of your paperwork problems.  

Sitekit works with organisations to discuss their staff movement needs and to explore the potential to meet those needs using Digital Passporting tools. We are always happy to speak to potentially interested organisations, even if it is just to explain more about our work.  

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Why investigate the potential for a Digital Passport with Sitekit? Sitekit is experienced in designing and building Digital Staff Passports based on decentralised Identity and to strict UK Government standards. Sitekit has built and delivered the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport (DSP) for the NHS and is currently working to deliver the NHS DSP private beta.

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